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(視頻) Anita Moorjani 艾妮塔.穆札尼 - 人間天堂之路 (中文字幕) / What If This Is Heaven


也許天堂不是一個地方,是一個境界? 天上的鳥展翅高飛,不曾想過要成為海裏的魚。水中的魚快樂地悠游,不曾想過要飛上天空。沒有翅膀的魚並不殘缺,沒有魚鰭的鳥也並不遺憾。它們各自活在自己的天堂裏。我們是否也能如此看待自己,活在人間天堂裏。

艾妮塔為她的第二本書 「死過一次才學會愛自己: 原來,此生即是天堂」(What If This Is Heaven )接受專訪。

感謝訪問者娜塔莎.舒爾曼 (Natasha Sherman)以她專業諮商師的角度引導出一段精彩的訪談,並允許我將它譯成中文和更多的人分享。

Perhaps Heaven is not a place but a state? The birds expanding their wings in the sky never want to be the fish in the ocean. The fish happily swimming in the water never envy the flying birds. Neither the bird nor the fish is broken. They each live in their own heaven. We can do the same to enjoy a heaven on earth.

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2006年艾妮塔在與癌症纏鬥四年後陷入臨終昏迷。在醫生努力搶救之際,她進入了瀕死體驗,在鬼門關前她明白了生命的真相: 天堂不是一個地方,而是一個境界。當她醒來恢復意識後,她奇蹟似地復原,並在幾星期內完全康復 ! 從此她跟隨內心的呼召和全世界分享她驚人的故事和上天的啟示。這個最重要的啟示是: 「愛你自己如同你生命之所繫」,而這的確是事實。她寫了兩本書:「死過一次才學會愛」和「死過一次才學會愛自己: 原來,此生即是天堂」,並仍在持續創作中。讀者可以從她這段演講錄影了解她的背景、經歷和啟示

About Anita Moorjani
In 2006, Anita fell into a coma as her 4-year struggle with cancer was coming to an end. While doctors rushed to attend to her frail body, she entered into a near-death experience (NDE) where she discovered one of life’s greatest truths: Heaven is not a destination; it’s a state of being. When she regained consciousness, her cancer miraculously healed and she was free of disease within weeks! Since then, she’s heeded the call to share this powerful story—and divine lesson—with the world. The one most important lesson she learned from her unique experience is: “Love yourself like your life depends on it” and it does. She is the author of two books : “Dying To Be Me” and “What If This Is Heaven - How Our Cultural Myths Prevent Us from Experiencing Heaven on Earth” and is working on her third one. You can watch this video to learn more about her, her NDE and the lessons she shares. 

Anita's website, Facebook page and radio show:


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