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請成為那個改變 (艾妮塔.穆札尼) / Be That Change (Anita Moorjani)

“Stand strong in love, even if others are not”  By Anita Moorjani
(9-28-2016 newsletter via email) 

艾妮塔.穆札尼 2016-9-28 郵件期

During a recent interview I was asked: 'How can we manage to keep loving, laughing, and shining our lights while we feel the suffering of others around the world?'

在最近的一次訪談中,我被問到: 看到世上其他人遭遇苦難,我們如何還愛自己笑得出來,並展現自己的光芒 ?

This was my response:

'That is really the biggest challenge. If we feel guilty because they are suffering while our life is good, we won't be bringing healing into the world. I like to explain it as follows: If you imagine that you are a light bulb, the brighter you shine, the more you illuminate the room, including for the people who are lost and who are in darkness. The only way that you can bring light into the world is by shining your light brighter, not by dimming your own light. Your very presence is all that matters.


「這的確是很大的挑戰。如果我們因為別人有苦難,自己卻過著好日子而有罪惡感,我們是不可能療癒這個世界的。讓我這樣解釋: 想像你自己是一個燈泡,你的光芒越強,整個房間會越亮,而那些迷失在黑暗中的人也會看得更清楚。唯一可以照亮這個世界的方法是盡量放出你的光芒,而不是讓自己暗淡無光。你只需要呈現自己。

So if I just bring my presence into the world, it needs to be a presence full of joy, and full of upliftment, because the person you take out into the world is the person you are inside. If you feel stressed because of all the fear, poverty and terrorism, and so on, if you feel anger and fear, that is the person you are taking out into the world. You will then be adding to the energy that is already out there while trying to change it. To take revenge on what you don't like, you have to become what you are taking revenge against.


If we get sucked into the fear and start fighting it with more fear, we will never get rid of the problem. The only way we can eliminate it is to be reaching deeper for more love.


The only way to actually change things is to be the change, like Gandhi said. Darkness is the absence of light. This is also true for fear. Fear is not a substance in itself. Fear is the absence of love.


The only way to fill the world with love is by filling yourself with love first.'


That was just one of many questions I was asked. You may watch the entire free video interview by clicking here: Soul Love interview with Anita

這只是我被問到的很多問題之一。想觀賞完整的訪談影片請點擊這裏 Soul Love interview with Anita(譯者: 無中文字幕)

Until next time, please fill yourself with Love, and keep shining your light!

下次再見。請給自己滿滿的愛,放出你的光芒 !

* Judy H 譯 *

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